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TranzL8tor Aka Anakunaki

I  started djing at the age of 16 & have been a DJ my entire life (35 years) & will never stop sharing my love for music with the universe . I have created, mixed and produced many tracks, singles & have over 21 released albums through Mixcloud as well as 9 album releases worldwide.


My skills were first recognised in the mid 80’s when I won the Technics Technical SA DJ championship & went on to be placed fourth overall in the world DJ rankings (Mix Mag 1989). I was ranked as one of the best “home grown South African DJ’s”.


I  currently play in Cape town & have played at indoor

events such as


  • The Side Show
  • The Dragon Room
  • Subconcious Butterfly,
  • Spectrum and Equinox
  • outdoor Festivals such as Sunflower Festival 2014,
  • Sunflower Festival 2015,
  • Sunflower Festival 2016,
  • Sunflower Festival 2017
  • Altered States {Tree Spirit},
  • The Klique New Year Street Festival 2014,
  • Project Change New Year 2015,
  • Vortex Open Source { Circle Of Dreams 2015},
  • Nomadic Tribe and Kaleidascope to name a few.


Over the years i have played alongside many legendary dj’s like Carl Cox. Tall Pall, Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto, Maxi Jazz, Sister Bliss, Tony de Vit, Sasha Digweed, Boy George, Lisa Lashes, Judge Jules, Anne Savage – Malcomn Duffy, Graham Gold, Pete Tong & many other local & international DJ’s & Live acts.


Since starting to play Psytrance have featured alongside international artists like Skazi, Upgrade, Sesto sento, Ghost Rider, Class A, Dris Hadre, Materia, Creator, Zync, Bim, Querox, Berg, Feedback, Day Din, Interactive Noise, Coming Soon, Vini Vici, Captain Hook, V Fallabella, Mandragora, Nok & Capital Monkey



International Gigs – Ministry of Sound – London (1999 & 2000) – Love Parade –


Berlin Love Parade (2001) – Camden Palace -Amnesia – Gatecrasher – Ministry of Sound – Sunnyside Up – Turnmills – Creamfields – (London & Spain) 1998 – 2000


Music gives a soul to the universe

Wings to the mind
Flight to the imagination
Food for the soul
And life to everything
The best thing about music is when it hits you, you feel no pain
The surest way to make dreams come true is to live them
If you believe you can then anything is possible
Music makes you Braver







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