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As a second show on the airwaves, I flip between Progressive Psytrance and Psytrance.

Masquerading as SENSU8 I bring you my passion for the Genres of my choice. Music is in my soul and I have been following it expressly for the last 20 years. Being in the industry has really allowed me to hone my ear like a finely tuned instrument and the absolute freedom to do it at my speed.

An understanding of the emotional rollercoaster rides of melody and harmony have mellowed and matured in time and assist in putting material together to render them classics. Come with me as I select DJ’s of my choice, and bring you a selected perspective of throaty, warm and sometimes even heavy melodies which stimulate emotions and drive them along a predestined path of sheer enjoyment.

I will lift you up and drop you to within a hair’s breadth of intentionally stimulated enjoyment, only to repeatedly do this, until the ultimate auditory phantasm is relished. A complete lover of SOUND and careful selection in Instruments, Types of sound, Co-habiting Keys and Emotional stimulations all play a real role in selection. I will always select using these elements and tie them together professionally for your enjoyment ….. and mine.

I relish chatting to, listening to, and working with some of the best in the business. I am in total awe of their artistry and once I am impressed, I am hooked. I am blessed!

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Psylocibin crew

Music is my PASSION. I have a distinct love for Trance because of what it does for my soul. I am not in the music scene to be known as a DJ, but it is my passion for this music, and what it represents, that means everything to me. Trance has brought me along a […]