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Gerhard Kemp / Producer, DJ, Mix Master

Music is my PASSION. I have a distinct love for Trance because of what it does for my soul. I am not in the music scene to be known as a DJ, but it is my passion for this music, and what it represents, that means everything to me. Trance has brought me along a 20-year path wherein the spirit of PLUR has warmed my psyche into the Trance pusher that I consider myself to be.

Peace, Love, Unity and Respect underpin some of the most important values a human can have and here they are all in the same house. DJ’s from the past and present have enhanced my ear into a Trance magnet and I absolutely love playing on my mixer making sets. I am in total awe of some of the producer’s ability to capture the spirit of my essence, string my heart along to the beat of their choice and transport me to moments of absolute essential truth.

Trance music is not a series of catchy jingles but rather a facilitator of your inner spirit being allowed to come to the fore and bath you in its raw essence. It’s an enrapturing roller coaster ride of emotional highs and lows. And that is what I want to accomplish, giving the listener the joy of the same emotional journey that I go through when putting the tracks together in a set.